Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Kursus GIS - Designing MS1759 Geodatabase Data Model

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The course will focus on ArcGIS geodatabase design concepts based on Malaysian Standard MS1759 and will explore the creation of advanced geodatabase elements used for maintaining spatial and attribute relationship such as attribute domain and subtypes. Basic data migration will also be covered.  Participant will learn the coding structure of MS1759 feature and attribute code and how to apply them in geodatabase schema.

Who Should Attend

GIS data managers, analysts, specialists, database administrators and other experienced ArcGIS users who need to implement MS1759 into their database.

 After completing this course, participants will be able to:-
  • Develop an understanding of geodatabase design and modeling concepts.
  • Understand MS1759 feature and attribute code.
  • Learn to design and apply geodatabase schemas.
  • Migrate geographic data into geodatabase.
  • Create and apply attribute domain and subtype.
  • Define geodatabase schema.

 Prerequisites and recommendation

Knowledge of using ArcGIS Desktop is required.


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